Aga Khan Mausoleum In Aswan

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Aga Khan Mausoleum In Aswan ( Now is not open for pubblic, but You can see it from boats sailing on river Nile )

The Agha Khan Mausoleum is located on Aswan West bank, It is the place where the last Shah of Iran was burried, Reda Behlavi was Iran last Shah , and he left Iran after the Islamic revolution in Iran, he lived the rest of his life in Egypt, He was interested during all his life to spend part of winter time in Aswan for
 its sunny warm weather during winter season,The Aga Khan was extremely wealthy. On his birthday in 1945, he was weighed in diamonds which he then distributed to his followers

The Mausoleum was built by his wife, and Reda Behlavi was burried in his Mausoleom 2 years after his death.
The Mausoleom of Agha Khan was built of white limestone and the inner walls were covered by pink marble.Now is not opened for tourists.

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Aga Khan Mausoleum In Aswan