Dahsur Pyramids, Half day tour

Dahsur Pyramids, There are 3 pyramids in Dahshur area, The bent pyramid, the red pyramid and the black pyramid, Many tourists visit Egypt without knowing any thing about this fantastic area where is located the Red pyramid which is the first real pyramid in the history

We can add to this tour other area such as Saqqara complex with the step pyramid or Giza pyramids tour

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Dahsur Pyramids Tour

Dahsur Pyramids Tour
Pick up from your hotel in Cairo or from Cairo international airport ( We can book the domestic flights and the airport transfer )
then transfer to Dahshur area which is half hour from Giza pyramids, you will be accompanied by private tour guide to explain to you the history of the three pyramids in the area ( The bent pyramid, The red pyramid & the black pyramid )
The bent pyramid & the red pyramid were built for Senferu ( Cheops father ) and the first
Dahshur Southern Pyramid is known as the bent pyramid, It was built of local limestone
and cased with fine limestone from Turrah. The bent pyramid is 101 meters in height
, and the length of each side is 188.6 meters.
The original entrance of the bent Pyramid is on the northern side as usual to be in the
same direction of the northern star, but the Egyptologist Ahmad Fakhri , in 1951,discovered
second entrance on its western side.

One of the most remarkable features about the bent Pyramid is the existence of cedar beams,
which had probably been imported from Lebanon about 4800 years ago. The Mortuary
 Temple is located to the east part of the pyramid where you can see a small shrine small shrine.
 A small subsidiary Pyramid lies to the southern part of the Pyramid,
 Why it is a bent pyramid?
Because till that time there was no real pyramids in all the world, Ancient Egyptian were trying to make a pyramid,They were
able to build Saqqara step pyramid and Maydoum pyramid and all of them not real pyramids. The architect OF KING sNEFRU wanted
to build the real pyramid but actually made a mistake in this Pyramid, not realising it until the height reached about 48m (with an angle of 54 degrees).
 He noticed that the upper part of the pyramid started to be collapsed so he changed his original plans to make it safer (hoping to prevent what had happened at Meidum), and finished it by
modifying the angle to just 43 degrees! And that is the reason behind the strange shape of this Pyramid and why,
We call it the bent pyramid or the sick pyramid Bent Pyramid.

Engineers think that the first angle of 54 degrees was going to result in a very big & high Pyramid,
which would have been very unstable, especially when cracks started to appear, which were later filled with gypsum.