Gebel Al Mawta In Siwa Oasis

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Gebel El Mawta or Dead mountain, in Siwa oasis is a honeycombed with rock tombs,
 most of its tombs date back to the 26th dynasty, Greek and Roman periods, During 
the second world war Italian bombed the oasis, and the Siwans people used these 
tombs as shelteres.

The veiw from the top of this small mountain ofGebel Al Mawta, provides tourists 

a spectacular panorama of Siwa oasis, Gebel El Mawta looks great also from a distance
but it is even more impressive up close, the mountain of Dead holds a couple of trully great graves
full of wall paintings equally beautiful to the tombs of valley of kings and valley of queens in Luxor


Gebel Al Mawta In Siwa Oasis