Luxor And Cairo Tours From Hurghada

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Luxor And Cairo Tours From Hurghada, making a tour to visit both of Cairo and Luxr during your holiday in Red Sea in Hurghada is one of best things to do in Egypt, while you can make all of Cairo and Luxor tours in two separae days, you can do it in the best way to save your time, one day t visit Cairo then having an overnight or in Cairo or Luxor and the following day to visit Luxor, the contrast is easy to do , i mean visit Luxor first then have the overnight or in Luxor or Cairo, then the second day it will be a day tour to visit Cairo then fly back to Hurghada.

if you start the tour by Luxor , you will drive 3 hours from Hurghada to Luxor, after your tour in Luxor fly to Cairo, overnight in Cairo then the second day visit Cairo and fly back to Hurghaa

if you want to pay less money you can travel from Luxor to Cairo by the sleeping train , and ave the overnight in the train, then arrival to Cairo visit Cairo and fly to Hurghada after Cairo tours.

If you want to start the tour by Cairo, you will fly from Hurghada to Cairo early morning, then a tour to visit Cairo ( The flight is ok as price for singles or couples but if you are more than 4 persons you can or travel from Hurghada to Cairo or by flight or by a car ( driving 5-6 hours )

your first day will be spent to visit Cairo attractions and most important things to see and do, then at night you willhave two choices to travel to Luxor or by flight or by sleeping train, if by flight you will spend your night in one of Luxor hotels to start the tour to visit Luxor attractions, if by sleeping trainou will spend your night in the train , then arrive morning to Luxor, after Luxor tours drive about 3 hours from Luxor t Hurghada & Red Sea

Luxor And Cairo Tours From Hurghada