Nile Cruise Tour In Egypt

Nile Cruise Tours in Egypt is one of the top 10 best things to do in Egypt, there are two ways to do it or starting from Aswan and ending in Luxor or starting from Luxor and Ending in Aswan


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Nile Cruise Tours  is not only one of 10 best things to do in Egypt but it is the best way to see the antiquity sites in Egypt, it is the best way to fully discover the ancient wonder of Egypt, it offer also relaxation for travellers, you will move between site and site by the cruise ship, you can stay at your private room or in the cruise sun deck or coffeshops or disco during the navigation and see the most fantastic veiws of the river Nile, while in our list we will tell you that Karnak temple and Abu Simbel temples are from best things to see in Egypt, you will find that a Nile cruise tour give you a chance to visit all of them or in the included tours or in the optional tours.

Egypt Nile cruises are of different categories, 4 stars and 5 stars, the 5 stars Nile cruises are also of different categories, standard 5 stars Nile cruises & deluxe or superior 5 stars Nile cruises, There are also the Dahabbyia cruises ( The most expensive ), they were old ships belonging to the beginning of the 20th century, most of them were belongin to the Egyptian royal family, and they are old style sailing boat.

All the cruises do the same itineraries but in different days ( except the Dahabbyia, they add more sites and more days of navigation because it depend on the wind to move from one city to other ).

All the cruises on the River Nile stop at the following places

1- Luxor city where tourists can make tours to Luxor Est and West banks to visit Karnak and Luxor temples on Est bank, visit Valley of kings, Hatshepsut temple and  Memnon colossi at West bank or optional tours to add more temples from est bank

2- Esna to cross Esna dam, but not all the cruises visit Esna temple ( very small temple )

3- Edfu where travellers take a horse carriage o visit Edfu temple 9 Haroreis temple )

4- Kom Ombo temple, dedicated to the 2 goddess Haroreis and Sobek

5- Aswan sightseeing such as Aswan high dam or File temple or the granite quarries used by ancient pharoahs to cut stones, there you will see the unfinished obelisc

6- From Aswan you can make a Nile felucca tour to visit Aswan botanic garden on Kitchener island ( not included in all cruises itineraries )

7- From Aswan you can go to visit Abu Simbel temples ( Optional tour ) or you can ask to make it included when you book the Nile cruise 

8 - Walking in the old market of Sun , Aswan market

9-  You will enjoy your time on the Nile cruise, all cruises arrange different activities at night, the most fantastic one is the galabya party , traditional Egyptian dinner, folcolric music, belly dance

For the galabya party you will be asked to attend the party wearing Egyptian clothes, or the galabya traditional clothes or hiring masks and thrones from the cruise bazaar to appear in the party as one of the ancient Egyptian queens and kings

Most Egyptian Nile Cruises itineraries are of 4,3 and 7 nights

some travellers prefer to start the Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan and then proceed cruise tours on lake Nasser, the lake Nasser cruises start from Aswan and end at Abu Simbel infront of Abu Simbel temples or start from Abu Simbel and end at Aswan, Lake Nasser cruises offer the real relaxation for tourists who want to escape from the modern life noisy, the cruise ship will stop at ancient sites in the desert to visit old Nubian temples, 

Nile Cruise Tour In Egypt