Thuth Temple

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Thoth Hill is a site of two ancient temples, the eldest temple is an archaic temple 

dates to more than 5000 years ago,and it is the oldest Egyptian temple in Luxor west
 bank,the other temple was built during the 11th dynasty by Sankhkare Mentuhotep.
The temple is not located in Luxor West bank valleys  (ancient Thebes), but rather
 high on the southern of a large plateau which form the background to the Western 
 Thoth Hill was named because of the large number of ruins &fragments of three 
limestone statues of baboons found in the vicinity during the 1909 investigation.
Ancient Egyptian people beleived in more than one god, Thoth was the god of wisdom,he
 was called ( Djhuty, Tehuty ) and was represented either as the Baboon or as the Ibis
 bird, Ancient Egyptian chose the Baboon to represent the god of wisdom because the 
baboons are imitating people very well, and the Ibis because it is the bird cleaning 
the land from the bad insects to be ready for agriculture & it was called the farmers
Thoth was the god who overcame the curse of god Ra who is the main god & the father of
 all ancient Egyptian gods, Thuth overcame the curse by his special skills & games.

Thoth helped Ra to bring his daughter Tefnut from Nubia ( South of Egypt ).
The legend say that in Ancient times god Ra lived on earth as a normal Egyptian king,
 but one day his daughter Tefnut was angry from her father & decided to escape to the
 gold land (Nubia ),Once Tefnut arrived to the Golden land taking all her water and
 moisture with her, Egypt became dry & sad,Tefnut transformed herself into a lioness, 
Sparks were fired from her eyes, she was attacking animals & human being to drink their
Tefnut was not only Ra daughter but she was also his eye, he sent Shu & Thoth to make
 her back to her father.
Thoth & Shu having first disguised themselves as baboons, set off for Nubia, Thuth was 
trying to convince her to go back to her father but she refused & she was feeling happy 
in her new life in Nubia.
Thoth thought about it then he had an idea to paint a picture representing the gloom that
 had descended on REgypt because of Tefnut absence, & he promised her to make her hunt the
 Animals in Egypt & that all Egyptian are waiting her return back to Egypt to build for her
 a special temple & altar, she was convinced and by this way Ra as able also to restore his
 his eye & it is beleived that from Ra eyes were created the first human being.

Tefnut was both the left right eyes of Ra, the left eye was representing the moon, and
the right one was representing the sun,she was one of the oldest original deities in 
Ancient Egypt, Tefnut was the godess of both the sun & dryness & the moon & moisture.
She was the first mother of many following gods & godesses,according to the legends she is 
the mother of ( Nut ), the godess of the sky & she is the grand mother of Nephtys & Isis, 
the Egyptian knew that without her, Egypt woud descend in caos, that is why they equated
Tefnut with Maat, the godess of justice.

Tefnut was generally represented as a woman with lioness head & so rare to be represented only 
as a woman, but sometimes as a full lioness.
As the ( Eye of god Ra ) Tefnut was linked to different other gods, to Bastet, Sekhmet, 
Isis, Nekhbet,Wajet & Hathur, that is why we find her story similar to another tale of
 ( Eye of Ra), when Sekhmet slaughters mankind before, then Ra who wanted to save people
 created for her a big river of red wine, she thought that this is mankind blood & became
 drunk & god Ra sent her again to the paradise & she was transformed to Hathor, the sweet 

Thuth used his wisdom to help the godess Isis to bring her husband god Osiris back from death
& to be able to be brignant from the dead god and helped her to born the little son Horus 
represented as falcon.Thoth helped Isis also to make the little son Horus get rid from the 
magical poison of his uncle god Set.
( Set was a man who killed his brother Osiris, but Osiris 's wife Isis the god of wisdom were
 able to make the soul of her dead husband eternal & she was able to be brignant from his dead
 body, from that time Isis became godess of magic, Osiris god of resurrection , Horus the child
 god of protection & Set god of evil), later on it was a big
 battle between Horus & the bad uncle Set & during this battle betwen goodness & evil Thuth 
was supporting Horus.

Thuth Temple