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Abu Simbel Tour From Cairo

Abu Simbel tour from Cairo by flight, This is one of the best tours from Cairo , Abu Simbel tour can be by flight or by train, can be only one day tour or more days, Here is our tour itinerary for Abu Simbel tour by flight from Cairo, Bustling ancient sites in Egypt with World Tour Advice, Relish a day tour to Abu Simbel temples from Cairo, Follow the footstep of Ramses II and queen Nefertari and fly from Cairo to Abu Simbel, You will be astonished not only by these stunning ancient temples but also by the story of surviving them after building Aswan high dam,The original location of Abu Simbel temples is unseen now because it is located under the water of Nasser lake

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Abu Simbel Tour From Cairo

Abu Simbel Tour From Cairo by flight
Early morning World Tour advice tour representative will meet you in your hotel reception, then direct transfer to Cairo airport, fly to Abu Simbel, 
upon arrival to Abu Simbel airport meet our Egyptologist expert private tour guide, and transfer from Abu Simbel airport to Abu Simbel temples, where the tour guide will give you idea about the area before building the high dam in Aswan, when Nubian were living in their motherland, and what happened after the construction of Aswan dam, After building Aswan high dam a big artificial lake was created ( Nasser lake )  and threat Nubia land and Nubian monuments, that is why The Egyptian government with the support of UNESCO launched a world wide appeal to save these colossal landmarks. They were successfully dismantled and relocated to a spot 60 meters above the cliff where they had been initially built .
There  were  2 temples in Abu Simbel, The big temple of Abu Simbel which is dedicated to Ramsses II, and the small temple of Abu Simbel which is dedicated to Queen Nefertari ( Ramsses II wife ) It was built on the temples a big artificial mountain, this mountain is located on a big dome, Visitors can go inside the dome and see photos representing the operation of moving Abu Simbel temples from their original place.
Ramses II temple in Abu Simble village is simply one of the most stunning places to visit in the whole world.  Abu Simbel temples is a main destination for numerous travelers who visit Egypt, The 2 temples carried the name of the village where they are located ( Abu Simbel or Abu Simble ), They are  two huge rock-cut temples that were constructed by Ramsses II south the city of Aswan, very close to the borders with Sudan,  Ramesses II also erected more colossal  statues of himself than any other pharaoh Ramsses II, Ramses II built this temple to deify himself: at Abu Simbel, all of the god's faces are his, and he also depicts  himself as one of the gods. He built the temple this far south because the priests refused to allow him to deify himself.    The whole complex was relocated after building Aswan High Dam in the 1960s. Abu Simble is one of the most important sites listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites  due to its significant historical importance and architectural brilliance. Many tourists travel to Egypt in a special dates in the year just to see the miracle of the sun in Abu Simbel temples The sun aligned on the face of the statue of Ramses II at the Abu Simbel temple in Aswan, a phenomenon that occurs only twice a year. The event occurs on February 22, which marks the king’s assumption of the throne, and October 22, which marks his birthday. The alignment started at 5:58 a.m. and lasted for 21 minutes. 
After the tour to Abu Simbel temples, You can enjoy a lunch meal in Abu Simbel city and transfer to Abu Simbel airport to fly to Cairo.
After finishing your t=guided tour to visit Abu Simbel temples, transfer to bu Simbel airport, fly to Cairo
Note : -
There are other many choices for this tour to see the temples in Abu Simbel
 such as flying to Aswan after Abu Simbel tour , then overnight there to be able next day to see Aswan attractions then fly to Cairo.
If You are in Aswan, It is easy to visit the temples from Aswan or by flight or by bus
If You booked your tours in Egypt including Nile cruise tours, so You can buy this tour to Abu Simbel as an optional tour.
If your travel package in Egypt includes Nasser lake cruise, So be sure that You will have a very good chance to see Abu Simbel temples during the day and by night ( Sound and Light Show at Abu Simbel temples ).
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Tour Includes

Abu Simbel Tour from Cairo by flight includes
- Meeting and assisting service at your hotel in Cairo
- Flight ticket Abu Simbel Cairo Abu Simbel
- Abu Simbel entrance fees
- Professional guide at the temples
- Lunch meal at a good restaurant in Abu Simbel
- All the tour transfers or from or to airports in Cairo and Abu Simbel
- All taxes of Abu Simbel tour from Cairo

Tour Excludes

Abu Simbel Tour from Cairo by flight Excludes
- Optional tours
- Any item not mentioned in the tour itinerary
- Beverages


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