Visit Cairo Attractions From Sharm

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Visit Cairo Attractions From Sharm, you have tow ways to travel from Sharm to Cairo, or by flight 1 hour , or by a car 6-7 hours driving from Sharm to Cairo, of course the best is by flight, if you want to make it by car or bus try to make it private tour to have a privatetour guide explaining to you in your language and check nt to be in a bus full of many different nationalities and three or four guides explaining to all the passengers in the same time in different languages

Cairo tour from Sharm El Sheikh can be one day tours or tow day to visit more attractions in Cairo, Cairo is a very rich city of many different things to see and to do, pyrmais, sphinx, mosques, castels, churches and of course the Egyptian museum.

if you will choose to make one day tour to visit the most important attractions in Cairo, we advise you to go to visit Giza pyramids, the sphinx, the Egyptian museum and if you have more time go to visit Old Cairo.

If you will make a tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh of tow days so in the first day you can go to visit Giza pyramids, the sphinx and Saqqara step pyramid complex, then in the second day go to visit Old Cairo and its coptic churches and Islamic Cairo mosques and the traditional market Khan El Khalili.

Visit Cairo Attractions From Sharm