Visiting Alexandria City

Visiting Alexandria city, one of best 10 things to do during Egypt holidays is visiting Alexandria city which is the second capital of Egypt, and the 2nd biggest city in all Egypt after Cairo .

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Visiting Alexandria City, Alexandria is a port city on north Egypt, on the Mediterranean sea, It was founded by Alexander the Great in 331BC, The place of Alexandria was a little viillage called Racotis, It is close to the Delta of the river Nile, but far enough to avoid the river innondation,which had stopped after building Aswan dam.
Near to the Old village there was a protective island called Faros,Alexander the Great saw this site on his way to visit the oracle temple in Siwa oasis, and from that time He decided that this site will be for his future capital which will carry his name, Alexander the great ordered to build Alexandria and left Egypt and went to Minor Asia to continue war against Persian, but he died there, and his body was carried to Egypt where He was burried either in Siwa oasis or in Alexandria, Till now no one know if here or there,
The Ptolomies ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great death and It was built during their reigh Alexandria lighthouse which was built in Pharos, and Alexandria library, Alexandria light house was one of the 7 wonders of Ancient world, When the Arab ruled Egypt they moved the capital from Alexandria to the eastern part of the river Nile ( What We call it now Old Cairo ), and there close to Old Cairo churches they built their new capital Fustat, later on different Arab rulers built other capitals, but all of these capitals were not far from Fustat, Al Khaliffa Muizz ordered to build his new capital at the north of  Fustat  and He called it Cairo, ( Now it is Muiz street and Khalili market ), Cairo is the last capital built by Arab rulers and from that time it is the forst capital of all Egypt, distance between Cairo and Alexandria is about 280 Kilometers.
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Visiting Alexandria City