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Whales valley Day Tour Safari in Fayoum

Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Day Tour in Fayoum Oasis Wadi Hitan or whales valley Safari near El Fayoum oasis, Do you think that a walking in the whales valley is a joke? This is not a joke anymore, Whales valley in Fayoum oasis which is called by Egyptian Wadi Hitan contains whales skeletons of more than 40 millions years ago, Whales at that time were waking on four legs. World Tour Advice is offering special rates for all private day tours and trips to visit The World Heritage in Egypt, Wadi Hitan in Fayoum oasis calls you, Book Now

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Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Itinerary

Tour name : Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Day Tour in Fayoum Oasis

Departure: Every Day
Length : 12 hours
Type: Safari and Oasis tours
Guide : Private Professional, Egyptology Tour Guide
Price: Start From 90 $
Tour itinerary :
Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Day Tour in Fayoum Oasis

Pick up from your hotel by our tour guide, then take jeep 4x4 , drive one hour in the desert from Cairo to Fayoum oasis, going to Ein El Sellein spring, see how is the life of Egyptian farmers, have a drink in the green oasis, we advice you try the tea wit ment. then move to go to Qaroun lake, free time infront of the lake for photos.
Qaroun lake is the oldest lake in world , it is salted lake,. then drive to go tto Wadi Hitan World Heritage site,
Wadi Hitanmeans ( Whales valley )
Wadi Hitan or the Whales Valley, contains invaluable fossil remains of the earliest, and now extinct, suborder of whales, Archaeoceti. These fossils represent one of the major stories of evolution: the emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal, about 40 million years ago.
Wadi Hitan, or the whales valley is the most important site in the world for the demonstration of this stage of evolution. It portrays vividly the form & life of these whales during their transition. The number, concentration and quality of such fossils in Wadi Hitan is unique, as is their accessibility and setting in an attractive and protected landscape. The fossils of Wadi Hitan show the youngest archaeocetes, in the last stages of losing their hind limbs. Other fossil material in the site makes it possible to reconstruct the surrounding environmental and ecological conditions of the time.
Some of the whales skeletons are fifty feet long, with vertebrae as thick as campfire logs.they dates back to an era when a shallow, tropical sea covered this area and all of northern Egypt about 40 millions years ago.
Wadi Hitan or the Whales Valley in Egypt was discovered by some geologists 1905, and although the geologists didn’t realize it at the time, the prehistoric specimens in the sand would offer clues to one of evolution’s most nagging questions: how whales became whales in the first place. For these long-dead whales had feet.
We had sometimes joked about walking whales,That’s not a joke anymore.
Scientists had long suspected that whales were terrestrial mammals that had eased into the ocean over millions of years, gradually losing their four legs. Modern whales, after all, have vestigial hind leg bones. But little in the fossil record illustrated the transition—until Gingerich began excavating Wadi Hitan’s hundreds of whale fossils, finding legs and knees.
After touring Wadi Hitan, back to Fayoum, have a lunch at one of its typical restaurant, if you want to have free time for tea or coffe in the Oberge palace hotel, just tell your guide and spend half an hour in one of the winter palaces of last king of Egypt, King Farouk, Enjoy your tea or coffe in the same place where he was enjoying his tea. End of the tour, then you will drive back to Cairo to your hotel.

Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Includes

Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Day Tour in Fayoum Oasis includes:

- Pick up from your hotel in Cairo
- All transportation by private Jeep, 4x4
- English speaking Egyptologist tour guide
- All the day tour services charges and taxes
- All the tiockets to mentioned sites in our tour itinerary
- Luch meal
- Mineral water on board

Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Excludes

Wadi Hitan, Whales valley Safari Day Tour in Fayoum Oasis excludes:

- Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary
- Any items of personal nature
-beverages in hotels or restaurants