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Gayer Anderson Museum

In a maze of narrow streets where historic Islamic cities once thrived the Gayer Anderson Museum showcases one of the best-preserved examples of 17th century domestic architecture left in Cairo. Gayer Anderson museum structure is composed of two houses built on the outer wall of the grand Ibn Tolun mosque.

Gayer Anderson Museum

Gayer Anderson Museum
A wealthy woman from Crete once occupied the house earning its name Beit El Keritlyia, or House of the Cretan woman,However, 
the more famous occupant of the house was Gayer Anderson  pasha who lived in the house from 1935 to 1942, A retired army major, Gayer Anderson was granted permission by the government to reside in the house pursuing his passion for the collection of articrafts, rare books and art from all the world;
The museum exhibits Gayer Anderson's impressive collection of antiques and articraft including Turkish and Persian furniture, carpets, ancient Egyptian canopic jars and paintings in the unique setting of a remarkably preserved Mamluk residence.

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