Giza Pyramids Combo Tour

Visit Giza pyramids, Enjoy Giza pyramids combo tour including entry in Solar boat, Visit pyramids royal tombs around Cheops pyramid, Seshem Nefer Theti tomb, director of the two seats in the mansion of life, secretary of all secrets commands of the king, Combo tour to Giza pyramids includes also visit tomb of Khufu Kha Ef one of Cheops sons, hiking around Pyramids and and visit the tomb of Meres Ankh in Giza pyramids plateau, Giza pyramids combo tour including entry to visit Cheops Solar boat, camel ride, visit Chephren pyramid valley temple, Sphinx.

Giza Pyramids Combo Tour Itinerary

Awake in the shadows of the dazzling extolled Pyramids in Giza plateau, Enjoy your luscious breakfast and your gourmet coffee and by ready to start our Combo tour to visit Giza pyramids, It is an amazing tour around the superior historical sites we only know about it from books, reveal the mysteries of Egypt, with peace of mind. Giza Combo tour was designed for tourists who want to see all the Giza plateau details and not to be in rush, You will meet your private guide ( Expert in Egyptology ) and will be transferred to the Giza pyramids plateau ( Enry in Cheops is optional as the government sell only 300 tickets per day and no one can book it in advance, but in case You want it included You have to bein Giza pyramids area at 7:00AM or at 13:00Pm exactly to be from first tourist booking it, They sell 150 tickets in morning and the other 150 at 13:00PM)

Adorable time for promenading around the pyramids with a nice payoff at the panorama where You will see the three pyramids on one line, riding camels to go in the Sahara ( Egypt desert ) and see the 9 pyramids panorama, enjoy Egyptian traditional tea or a soft drink with the bedouin people ( desert inhabitants )  while you are enjoying to the unrepeated view of Giza pyramids with a background of Giza city.
Retrace history of 5000 years ago & uncover El-Giza pyramids and the Sphinx history and legends, Now it is walking tour behind Cheops pyramid to enter the Solar boat barques museum and then walking tour to arrive  the tomb of Khufu Kha Ef (G7130-7140 ), who supposed to be one of Cheops sons ( Brother of Chephren ), and he carried many titles such as Chief of justice an vizier, not so far from his tomb is located other tombs such as  Meres Ankh tomb and  Seshem Nefer Theti tomb ( LG53 ), Seshem Nefer was the director of the two seats in the mansion of life and secretary of all secret commands of king Cheops, Your guide will take you inside it to explain for you about what is the mastaba and you will see few details of daily life on the walls of the tomb such as a lion attacking another animal but best scenes for daily life are not in Giza pyramids area but they are located in Saqqara pyramid complex area as their colors still preserved, Proceed tour to the valley temple and the mysterious Sphinx.
Dazzling neighbour to the ambiguous Sphinx, with enormous ancient stones, the Valley Temple, Granite and basalt wall blocks, marble floor, The valley temple not only shows models of stunning building practices with megalithic blocks , but gives an idea about Giza plateau age, The temple contains no incised inscriptions or reliefs, Free time for wandering in the temple, then visit the Sphinx, The famous ambiguous Sphinx at Giza is a tremendous statue, sculptured in rock, representing a icon of the ancient Egyptian mythology with body of lion and head of a man to represent the power and intelligence of the king. It is 17 m high and 39 m total length. It was constructed in the reign of Khafre, about 2470 B.C 
After Giza Combo full day tour You will have time to visit the famous local shops either to buy souvenirs or to have idea about the Egyptian handicrafts, then enjoy lunch meal and back to hotel
Note at night We arrange also Pyramids by night ( Sound and light show in front of Giza pyramids and the Sphinx)

Giza Combo Day Tour Includes

- Pick up and drop off  service from your hotel in Cairo by World tour advice private tour guide
- All Giza pyramids Combo day tour transfers by modern Ac van + 40 minutes by camel or horse carriage 30 minutes
- All tickets of entry in Giza pyramids plateau, Valley temple, Sphinx, Solar boat barque museum, 
- Entry inside  two of the following tombs Seshem Nefer Theti tomb, Khufu Kha Ef  tomb or Meres Ankh tomb
- Private English speaking tour guide (Expert in Egyptology )
- Free time for shopping around Giza pyramids area
- Lunch meal at local restaurant included 1 soft drink
- Mineral water on board during the tour
- 1 soft drink in Giza pyramids panorama area in the bedouin camp

Giza Combo Day Tour Excludes

- Anything not mentioned in our Combo tour to Giza pyramids
- Tipping, recommended but not obligatory


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