Nile Cruise and Lake Cruise Tours in Easter

Easter Deals in Egypt, Relish Egypt sunny weather and Nile and lake views in a unique way, breath the history and feast your eyes with the stunning views of Nasser lake and River Nile, Scout exceptional sites from your cruise ship located in a kingdom of silence around Nasser lake, Abu Simbel temples,Wadi ElSebou, Qasr Ibrahim, Amada, Beit El Wali, Scamber ancient cities from your cruise ship, Luxor and Aswan, feast your eyes and souls by a good look at  Luxor and Aswan sightseeing, you will admire their ancient aura and artistry, amuse yourself during Easter tours to Karnak, Habu, Hatshepsut temples.


Day 1 Arrival Luxor - Luxor East bank Tours - Easter Tours
World Tour advice will be more than happy to meet you upon your arrival either to Luxor airport or to Luxor train station, then direct transfer to your cruise ship in Luxor, check in will be after lunch at 13:00 PM, and tours to Luxor East bank will be in the morning , but if your flight arrival is after 11:00 AM , so you will relish a lunch meal on board , then start the guided tour, World Tour advice private English speaking expert tour guide will take you to scout Luxor East bank ( Al - Uqsur city – Luxor) is certainly something any history lover have to do,  Luxor possesses undeniable charm, Where else can you find ruins of the temple complexes within a modern city? Immediately opposite, besides the world’s most iconic river, aside which lie the monuments, temples and tombs, Your tour guide will introduce you to the city and the country history, he will take you in a tour to visit the 2 famous temples in Luxor East bank ( Karnak or Khawarnak temple ) dedicated to god Amun , and Luxor  or ( Al Uqsur temple ) dedicated to goddess Mut, Karnak ( or Khawarnaq temple ) is the biggest temple in the world. Originally erected during the period of the 11th dynasty, the construction went on in the temple for more than 1000 years afterwards. However, most of what we see today and astonish tourists who spend their Holidays in Luxor was erected by king Ramses II especially his enormous hypostyle hall, known as the forest of columns. Feast your eyes with various courts, pylon, hypostyle halls,Don't forget to make a wish when you see the big granite scarab close to the holy lake in Karnak temple, proceed tour to Luxor temple, back to cruise ship, free time for leisure and relish the cruise facilities
Overnight in Luxor

Day 2 Luxor West Bank Tour - Nile Cruise sailing to Edfu - Easter Tours
Relish a tasty breakfast on board, meet your expert Egyptology tour guide, Start a tour to the kingdom of silence in Luxor West bank, It is the necropolis of the famous great Pharaohs of New and late kingdom, We will start our tour by Valley of the Kings tour, the most famous and popular ancient necropolis in all the world. The pharaohs of the were buried in this valley as early as the 16th century BC.Pharaohs of New kingdom were the first pharaohs to stop building pyramids as tombs, and they decided to make hidden tombs in the valley, They were thinking that this is the best way to keep their mummies and treasures away from the hand of thieves, but unfortunately all the tombs of Valley of kings were stolen except king Tut Ankh Amon tomb , but the treasure of king Tut is exhibited in the museum of Cairo, not in his tomb in Luxor, but inside king Tut tomb You will find one of his golden coffins located inside a bigger coffin of granite, During our tour in valley of kings You will visit 3 tombs, King Tut Ankh Amon is optional tour with extra ticket,  king Tut Ankh Amun tomb is the only intact tomb in the valley, It was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. The tombs of valley of kings are featured with their colorful wall paintings of mortuary scenes of ancient Egypt. After valley of kings tour proceed to visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut,the only female woman who ruled Egypt, Hatshepsut temple known also as Deir El Bahari temple, It was built more than 3500 year ago; the temple is featured with its magnificent location at the bottom of one of Luxor West bank mountains, its imposing terraces, and many wonderful architectural features like the chambers of Anubis, Hathor, and the Pont Hall, Proceed tour to visit the Colossi of Memnon, the only remaining part of the Great mortuary Temple of Amen Hotep III. These two huge colossi are 18 meters in height and they became a landmark of Luxor city during the Roman period,  due to the air passage in the cracks of one of the statues, Every day early morning a humming sound was heard. The Romans thought that this was Memnone voice, their legendary hero greeting his mother, the goddess Eos, Your guide will give you free time for photos, then visit the papyrus institute, the alabaster houses, Then transfer back to your Nile cruise in Luxor. Enjoy a tasty lunch meal on board, Relish the Nile stunning views while sailing from Luxor to Edfu
Overnight in Edfu

Day 3 Nile and Lake Cruise Easter Tours
Relish Tasty breakfast at the cruise restaurant, meet your tour guide, start a guided tour to the most preserved ancient temple in Egypt, it is dedicated to Harwereies ( a form of the falcon god Horus ), Horus was son of god Osiris god of the other life and the most holy god for all Ancient Egyptian, and Horus mother was goddess Isis, The falcon god was the god of protection and he is protecting all Pharaohs and defeat the evil inside the temple of Edfu You will see a big corridor with a representation of the war against evil, You will enjoy to hear about these ancient legends from your tour guide, back to cruise, sail to Kom Ombo, enjoy lunch meal during sailing time, arrival to Kom Ombo, the only temple divided between 2 gods, god of evil and god of good, the temple contain a room for crocodiles mummies, in ancient times it was used as a hospital, that is why you will see medical instruments represented on its wall, back to cruise, sail to Aswan, Overnight in Aswan

Day 4 Aswan Sightseeing tours - Nile Cruise
Relish a tasty breakfast in your cruise, World Tour Advice Egyptologist World-Tour-Advice expert tour guide would be happy to accompany you to scout Aswan ( The ancient Sound ) sightseeing. The first site to scout in Aswan from your cruise ship is Aswan High Dam, the best Egyptian architectural achievement in the 20th century. The construction works of the dam were built in 1960. The High Dam helped Egypt to save the water of the flood of the River Nile and generate a considerable amount of the country’s electricity. After visiting Aswan High dam, proceed to scout the granite quarries which was used by Ancient Egyptian, There is located the Unfinished Obelisk belonging to queen Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut Unfinished Obelisk weights more than 1.8 million kilograms and 41 meters high. It is considered to be one of the largest stones humans have ever dealt with. The tour to The Unfinished Obelisk will give you a chance to know the process of obelisk construction in ancient Egypt. Finally take a motor boat to arrive Philae Temple, the highlight of Aswan and one of the most marvelous Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt. The Temple was erected during the Greek period in Egypt dedicated to the goddess Isis. Back to Nile cruise, enjoy lunch meal, Afternoon optional tours to Nubian village, the botanic garden or at night Sound and light show in Philae Overnight in Aswan

Day 5 Check out from Nile Cruise, Check in Lake Nasser Cruise
Relish tasty breakfast in your cruise, check out, transfer to Nasser lake port in Aswan, check in your lake Nasser cruise ship, Meet your expert tour guide to start tours to Kalabsha temple, Kiosk Kertassi and Beit El Wali temples, back to cruise, Enjoy lunch meal, afternoon tea and cruise facilities

Day 6 Wadi El Sebouh ( Lion valley ) and Amada tour
Early sailing to Wadi El Sebouh ( Lions valley ) while enjoying your tasty breakfast. Relish a cocktail while passing the Tropic of Cancer.Tasty Lunch meal, then proceed Lake Nasser tours to scout  Wadi El Seboua Temple, the Temple of Meharakka and the Temple of Dakka. back to the cruise ship to sail to Amada. Dinner meal and overnight stay on board

Day 7: Kasr Ibrim / Abu Simbel 
Relish a relaxing tasty breakfast followed by a stunning guided tour to visit the Temples of Amada and Derr and the Tomb of Penout. return to the cruise ship. Amuse your eyes with Nasser lake views while sailing to Kasr Ibrim. Visit the Citadel of Kasr Ibrim via the ship's sundeck, as entrance to the Kasr Ibrim ( or Ibrahim ) is not allowed. Continue sailing to Abu Simbel. relish a tasty Lunch meal on board, then be ready to visit famous Temples of Abu Simbel, they were survived by Unesco after building the high dam, You will visit the big temple of Ramses II and the smaller temple of Abu Simbel belonging to Ramses II wife queen Nefertari In the evening, optional tour to attend the Sound and Light show at Abu Simbel ( extra charge for the sound and light show ticket). Back to the ship for a candlelight dinner. Overnight stay on board.

Day 8: Free day in Abu Simbel 
breakfast and free day in Abu Simbel, enjoy cruise facilities 

Day 9: Check out End of Easter holiday in Nile and Lake cruise in Egypt
Relish your tasty breakfast on board, check out, meet our tour representative , transfer too Abu Simbel airport for final departure

Note That We can make the same tour package starting fro Abu Simbel ending in Luxor, and We can add extra days for your Easter cruise package if you want to scout more sites in Egypt such as Cairo, Alexandria or if you want to enjoy red sea , Contact us, send your request with all your needs and we can customize a private itinerary just for you


  • Meet and assist services by World Tour advice tour REP upon arrival and departure. 
  • Transfers to / from and to Nile cruise ship in Luxor- Aswan- Abu Simbel by air-conditioned vans 
  • Accommodation 4 nights in 5 stars Nile cruise ship on full board basis buffet style - All cruise shore trips as per our Easter in Nile and Lake cruises  itinerary
  • All entrance fees to the mentioned sites as per our travel package Nile and lake cruise itinerary
  • Expert Egyptology English speaking tour guide aboard Nile and Lake cruises in Egypt 
  • Transfer to your Lake cruise by modern AC Vans 
  • Accommodation on board 5 stars cruise on Lake cruise, 3 nights on full board basis 
  • All Easter tour package service and taxes charges


  • International flights
  • Optional tours
  • Beverages
  • Tipping


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