Overnight Cairo Excursions from Marsa Alam

Overnight Cairo Excursions from Marsa Alam, Not Only is Cairo The Most Culturally and Religiously Significant Cities in The Modern World, it is Also Has a History Stretching Back to The Dawn Human Civilization, Overnight Trip From Marsa Alam to Visit Cairo Sightseeing Such as Pyramids Tours From Marsa Alam, Visit Egyptian Museum From Marsa Alam, Islamic & Coptic trip From Marsa Alam, Feel the mystery of the ancient Egyptian History with Marsa Alam Excursions

Cairo Excursions From Marsa Alam ( Tour Itinerary )

Overnight Cairo Excursions from Marsa Alam

Day 1) Marsa Alam Cairo Egyptian Museum & Citadel Trips

Early morning World Tour Advice representative will pick you up from your hotel in Marsa Alam, Drive to Hurghada airport by a
private modern air-conditioned van. then fly to Cairo, Upon arrival to Cairo you will meet your private Egyptology expert tour guide who will accompany you to the major attractions in Cairo:
Trip to Citadel of Saladin in Cairo,Before Saladin came the local rulers of Cairo had overlooked the strategic value of the Mokattam hill above Cairo city.
But within a few years of Saladin arrival in Cairo in 1168, he began making defenses plans for Cairo city with Al Qalaha
– the Citadel – as the key element. In the 12th century, Saladin and his successors built an impenetrable bastion in the
Citadel, using the most advanced construction techniques of the age. For the next 700 years, Egypt was ruled from this
hill. the most important part remains for visitors are Mohamed Ali Mosque, El Nasser Mohammed mosque & Mohammed
Ali palace which is now under restoration Mohamed Ali Mosque Ottoman-style Muhammad, looking like the blue mosque in Istanbul, but in white colour, because it is covered with Alabaster.
The white mosque or the Alabaster mosque is the most noticeable in all of Cairo; for more than 150 years it has dominated
the skyline. The mosque is classically Turkish in style, reflecting its Ottoman origins. The slender minarets, cascading domes,
richly decorated ceiling, constellation of hanging globe lamps & spacious interior all recall the great mosques of Istanbul.

Trip to The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Drive from Citadel to the Egyptian Museum on Tahrir square in Cairo downtown, Tahrir square is the place where the Egyptian
revolution took place in 25 January 2011 against president Mubarak regime. a walk in the square to take photos for the Revolution
graffiti, then proceed trip to The Egyptian Museum in Cairo which contains some 160.000 artifacts created over a period of more than
7,000 years. It was designed by the French Architect Marcel Dourgnon in 1896 . The Egyptian museum artifacts are distributed in
two main floors. The lower floor contains the heavy monuments such as statues, stelae, stone sarcophagi, and wall reliefs. The
most important thing to see in the upper floor is the treasure of king Tutankhamun, his golden mask,coffins, beds & thrones
The Royal mummies also are exhibited in the second floor, ( with extra ticket ).
Enjoy your lunch in good restaurant in Cairo, then shopping tour, transfer to your hotel in Cairo around the pyramids
At night optional tours to go to Sound & Light show or dinner in Nile cruise

Overnight in Cairo in 5 stars hotel

Day 2) Giza Pyramids, Memphis & Saqqara Trip - Marsa Alam

Giza Pyramids Tour

After your breakfast in your hotel in Cairo, check out, meet your private tour guide to start a day trip to Visit the great Pyramids at Giza plateau which were built 4700 years ago to be burial places to the 4th dynasty kings. The pyramid of king Khufu is the biggest pyramid, it is one of the 7 wonders of Ancient World, The middle pyramid of Khafra is the only pyramid still having the remaining of the outer casing of the fine limestone.
The smallest pyramid of king Menkaura was once coated with pink granite, but with the time the outer casing of granite was stolen, remain only the lower part of the pyramid with the granite covering it.

The Valley Temple & The Sphinx

The Sphinx is the biggest & largest statue of one piece of stone in all the world, he is the protector of mummies, pyramids, silence & history, it is one of the best known monuments on Earth and dates back over 7000 years, while most people think it is belonging to Chefren ( Khafra ) Old Kingdom because the head of the Sphinx probably depicts Khafre & because of the stone infront of the sphinx written in recent pharaonic times & it was written by a Pharoah from New kingdom thanking Khafra, Really Khafra is the one who restored the statue, the old sphinx lost his features,khafra ordered to renew it, Sphinx was renewed to be with the same old body of a lion but with new face of Khafra. Proceed your trip to the best preserved Valley Temple, also belonging to Khafre. A causeway, seen behind the Sphinx, connected Khafre’s Mortuary
Temple next to his pyramid with the Valley Temple. Lunch will be served at good quality restaurant around Giza pyramids.

Saqqara Tour

Proceed the trip to visit Saqqara, which is the ancient necropolis of the oldest capital of Egypt Memphis. Saqqara contains a
number of fascinating funerary monuments, including pyramids, mastabas, tombs & temples .
The Step Pyramid (Zoser) in Saqqara is the oldest complete stone building in the world & the first pyramid erected in Egypt &
in all the world.
The Step Pyramid was built for the pharaoh Zoser by his architect Imhotep. Zoser’s pyramid was a revolutionary design. Previously,
pharaohs were buried in rectangular mastabas built of mud , not of stones, Imhotep created a pyramid by stacking six mastabas
on top of each other.


Proceed to visit Memphis the Ancient Egyptian capital, which is located now in a small village called ( Mit Rehina . or Badrashin )
Memphis became Ancient Egypt capital for over 8 consecutive dynasties during the Old Kingdom. Memphis city reached a peak
of prestige under the sixth dynasty as a centre for the worship of god Ptah, the god of artworks & creation. The alabaster sphinx
that guards the Temple of Ptah serves as a memorial of the city’s former power and prestige.
The Memphis triad which consists of the creator god Ptah ( father ), his consort Sekhmet ( mother ) , and their son Nefertem, formed
the main focus of worship in the city.
The English name Egypt derives from an ancient Egyptian name of the god Ptah temple in Memphis, I-ka-ptah, which means "the
land og of Ptah"
Memphis declined briefly after the 18th dynasty with the rise of Thebes ( Luxor now ) which was chosen by the pharoahs of the
New Kingdom to be their capital, and was revived under the Persians before falling firmly into second place following the foundation
of Alexandria which was built by Alexander the Great 30 BC to be the capital, Alexandria remaind as Egypt capital during Greek &
Roman periods till 641 A D. Transfer to your hotel in Cairo for check in for overnight stay.

Khan El Khalili Shopping Tour

The last stop will be for a shopping opportunity at the famous bazaars of Khan El Khalili. Free time for optional activities in Cairo, then you will be transferred to Cairo airport to fly back to Hurghada with direct transfer to your hotel in Marsa Alam.

Cairo Excursions From Marsa Alam Includes

Cairo day tour from Marsa Alam include:

- Pick up service from hotel at Marsa Alam and return to hotel Marsa Alam
- Transfer from Marsa Alam to Hurghada airport and after the tour from Hurghada airport to 
  Marsa Alam to your hotel
- Flight ticket from Hurghada to Cairo and return
- Our Tours REP Assistance during Cairo tours
- All transfers during Cairo tours are by private A/C van
 - Shopping tour in  Cairo bazaars
- Private expert professional tour guide during all the 2 days tours
- Accommodation in hotel in Cairo 5 stars hotel
- Entrance fees to the sightseeings in Cairo
- Lunch meal at quality restaurant in Cairo
- Mineral water onboard during Cairo tour
- All services charges and taxes of the day tour from Marsa Alam to Cairo are included

Cairo Excursions From Marsa Alam Tour Excludes

Cairo Excursions from Marsa Alam excludes

- Optional Activities
- Tipping kitty

Cairo Tour Highlights

- Egyptian museum
- Valley temple
- The sphinx
- Giza Pyramids
- Memphis
- Saqqara
- Khan El Khalili bazaar

The Optional Tours

- Going inside Giza Pyramids
- Going inside the Solar boat
- The mummies room in the Egyptian museum


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