Citadel and Old Cairo Day Excursion

Relish Salah El Din Citadel and Old Cairo Day Excursion, Stroll Old Cairo with worldtouradvice, ancient Egypt rose to become one of the most advanced civilizations on This Time, Cairo Tours to scout the ancient Christian holy places, With Cairo Day Trips, Amuse yourself with Islamic and Coptic Cairo Tour. Relish relaxing Islamic and Coptic Cairo Tours. You’ll have the chance to visit the Citadel of Salah El din, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church and more

Cairo Sightseeing Tour Itinerary

Salah El Din Citadel and Old Cairo Day Excursion

Relish a day tour scouting Cairo Islamic and Coptic touristic sites, Early morning meet Worldtouradvice masterly tour guide,drive from your hotel to Cairo downtown,  morning view of the hustle and bustle of Cairo city followed by tour to scout the Islamic Cairo, Start tours by The Saladin Citadel of Cairo which is a medieval Islamic fortress in Cairo downtown, It was erected by Saladin, on Al-Mokattam hill, Built between 1176 and 1182 A.D. It provides a panoramic view of Cairo, The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is a medieval Islamic fortress in Cairo downtown, It was erected by Saladin, on Al-Mokattam hill, Built between 1176 and 1182 A.D. It provides a panoramic view of Cairo During Saladin citadel tour you will visit the Alabaster mosque built by Sultan Mohamed Aly, It was built to be similar to the blue mosque  in Istanbul, but the blue mosque was covered by blue stones, and the white mosque is covered with alabaster, Relish a tour  in Saladin citadel , and get idea idea about Medieval Cairo , and about the last 2 centuries history of all Egypt, when Mohammed Aly pacha ruled Egypt and his sons and gran sons ruled after him till the last king of Egypt king Farouk.Relish a tasty lunch meal, then proceed to visit Sultan Hassan and Rifaii mosques and Madrasa, then to see and visit the biggest mosque in all Egypt ( Ibn Tolun mosque ) , stir to reconnoiter Old Cairo, It is the area where there are old holy buildings belonging to the three religions ( Christian churches, Old mosque and Old Synagogue ), It is known as Coptic Cairo, because there are many old Coptic churches in the area, During our tour in Old Cairo, Your guide will take you to see Babilion fortress ruins and towers, then tour to the Hanging Church, it one of the oldest and most popular historical churches of Egypt, and It was erected on the top of Babylon towers, There is also the Crypt of Holy Mary inside the Church of Saint George, Visit the Synagogue of Bin Ezra,  It is thought that Bin Ezra Synagogue was erected in the same place where the wife of the pharaoh found Moses the child in a basket on the river Nile,At that time The Pharaoh of Egypt dreamed that the it will be a new born boy in Israel family and he will be the king, He then issued a decree to slay any male child that would be born to the children of Israel, During a year in which boys were to be slain,Moses mother gave birth to Moses (Musa); so she nursed him secretly, because she was afraid of the pharaoh, She dreamed ( Throw the boy in the river Nile and he will be safe, She did , and the basket with its precious cargo arrived in front of the Pharaoh palace, then the wife or the daughter of the pharaoh decided to adopt him and protected his lifeproceed to Cairo old Bazaar, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, relish a walking tour in the Fatimid stunning street Muizz street  back to hotel in Cairo. finally World Tour Advice tour guide will accompany you to your hotel.

Cairo Sightseeing Tour Includes

What is included in our Old Cairo Sightseeing day tour:

-All Old Cairo transfers by modern private A/C vehicle
-All Cairo sightseeing tours will be guided tours with private english speaking tour guide
- All entrance fees of all Old & islamic sites in Cairo
- Lunch during your tour
- Two bottles of water during your Old Cairo & Islamic trip
- All the trip taxes & service charge

Cairo Sightseeing Tour Excludes

What is excluded in Our Cairo Sightseeing Day tour: -

-Optional tours in Cairo
- Beverages not specified
-Tipping Kitty

Cairo Sightseeing Tour Highlights

Cairo Sightseeing Tour Highlights
- Old Cairo churches
- Ibn Ezra Synagogue
- Saladin Citadel
- The white Alabaster mosque
- Cairo Old Market ( Khan El Khalili market )

Optional Tour

Optional Tour
- Nile felucca in Cairo
- Sound and light tour
- Dinner cruise


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