Visit Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara & Dahshur

Best tours to Egyptian pyramids, Gallivanting accompanied by private tour guide and visit the Egyptian Pyramids, Visit the Master work pyramids of Giza, Visit The Egyptianpyramids in Saqqara and Dahshur Egyptian Pyramids from Cairo hotels, day tour to discover the most important pyramids close to Cairo, Visit the Bent and red pyramids in Dahshur, The step pyramid in Saqqara,Unas, Teti and Userkaf Egyptian pyramids

price per person in private tour : 40 $


Visit The Egyptian Pyramids Itinerary

Our Tour  itinerary To Visit The Egyptian Pyramids :
Early morning Worldtouradvice tour delegate will meet you in any destination in Cairo, then transfer by comfortable Ac mini-bus or a modern car to start your tour to visit the Egyptian pyramids in Cairo, It is time to start unpacking your adventures and visit the astonishing part of West Cairo where are located different types of Egypt pyramids, visit and stroll Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur pyramids ( Belonging to Ancient Egypt kingdom) ,Many tourist think that there are only 3 pyramids in Egypt ( Giza pyramids ), but really Ancient Egyptian were able to build the real pyramids in Giza after long experience to know how to build a real pyramid, They first built the Mastaba, then the step pyramid, then the bent pyramid and finally they were able to build the first real pyramid for king Snefru in Dahshur, and from that time till the end of Middle kingdom the pyramid form became the holy form for the Egyptian kings tombs, In our day tour We will show you all kinds of Egyptian pyramids .
We will start the pyramids tour by visiting Giza pyramids, of course you will be accompanied by your private tour guide to explain for you everything about the most famous Egyptian pyramids, and to show you the best areas for photos, If you want to ride dromedary  ( The Arabian one humble camel ) or horse he will help you to get best prices and will tell you about the best place in Giza pyramids desert to start the tour with a dromedary, It is the place where You can see the 9 pyramids of Giza on one line, Yes the 9 , not the three as You will find close to Cheops pyramid and to Menkaure pyramid other 6 small pyramids belonging to the kings wives, sisters, mothers and other important women from the Royal family, After Giza pyramids proceed tour to visit the Sphinx, then visit the valley temple.If you wish to entree inside the pyramids or to go to visit the solar boat museum beside the Great pyramid tell your tour guide and he will organize it to you with extra ticket, proceed tour to visit the papyrus institute, then lunch meal, proceed the tour with your private tour guide to go to visit elder Egyptian pyramids  it is the step pyramid in Saqqara which was the first pyramid ever built in the history. Visit Saqqara pyramid complex, the masterwork of  Heb sed feast buildings, visit the colored Mastaba beside Saqqara pyramid, visit the Museum of Imhotep, the engineer who built this famous step pyramid 5000 years ago, proceed tour to visit the famous Egyptian pyramids of Dahshur , during your tour to Dahshur you will two Egyptian pyramids, you will visit the bent pyramid, then the red pyramid ( going inside the red pyramid of Dahshur is included ), free time for shopping, end of the tour, transfer back to your hotel or any other destination  in Cairo.

Pyramids Tour Includes

Our Tour To Visit The Egyptian Pyramids Includes
- Pick up you from any destination in Cairo, hotels, flats, airport or train station
- Private tour guide speaking English language
- Lunch meal
- Mineral water on board during the tour
- Entrance fees to the three areas of Egyptian pyramids, Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur
- Guided tour to visit the Egyptian pyramids in Giza, Saqqara and Dahsur, the Shinx and the
  valley temple
- All the tour transfer by modern privateA/C  van
- All the tour taxes

Pyramids Tour Excludes

Our Tour To Visit The Egyptian Pyramids Excludes
- Any thing not mentioned in  Worldtouradvice tour itinerary
- Beverages not mentioned
- Tipping
- Optional tours to go inside the Giza pyramids or to the Solar boat
  museum or ride a camel ( Dromedary ) or a horse

What To Visit

During your day tour to visit the Egyptian pyramids you will see different pyramids in three different areas:
- Visiting the Egyptian pyramids of Giza  ( Cheops, Chephren & Menkaura ) with Giza complex, sphinx & valley temple
- Visiting the Egyptian pyramids in Saqqara ( The step pyramid, Titi Pyramid ) with its complex, one mastaba 
and Imhotep museum, you will see other pyramids in the area such as Unas pyramid or Userkaf pyramid, but these pyramids are closed for restoration ( you can go inside Teti pyramid , not inside the step pyramid)
- Visiting the Egyptian pyramids of Dahshur, including the Red pyramid and the bent pyramid, and you will sea far in the Egyptian desert the black pyramid ( Entry of the red pyramid is included while the bent pyramid is closed)


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