Cairo From Hurghada

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Hurghada holiday gives you a chance to see and visit many attractions in all Egypt, and not only the Red Sea activities, but it is easy to make one day tour from Hurghada to Cairo or by flight or by bus

If by flight it take one hour from Hurghada to arrive Cairo, if by bus it takes about 6 hours from Hurghada to Cairo, the best time to fly from Hurghada to Cairo for one day tour is from 6:00AM till 9:30 AM, and you can fly back to Hurghada at 7:00PM or later if you like to see Cairo by night and join Cairo activities by night such as Nile dinner cruise or Sound and light show, The best things to see in Cairo in one day tour is Giza pyramids, sphinx and the Egyptian museum,

You can make your tour from Hurghada to Cairo 2 days and spend one night in Cairo, this will enable you to see Cairo in the best way and see Islamic and Coptic Cairo in your second day.

If you want to travel from Hurghada to Cairo by bus , you will have many options or to join a group, or to have a private car which will be of good price if you are a family or group of few freinds,  or you can usde the pubblic bus and the tour representative will meet you in Cairo bus station

Tours from Hurghada to Cairo by bus or car normally start at 2:30AM, Arrive Cairo at 8:30 AM, Cairo tour end at 5:30 PM, then back to Hurghada at Midnight time, or if tourist want to add other day he will spend the night in one of Cairo hotels, then second day visit Islamic and coptic Cairo and take the bus of 3:00 PM to be in Hurghada at 9:00 PM

Cairo From Hurghada