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Saqqara Pyramids Tour

Saqqara complex is located 30 kilometers from Giza pyramids, There you will see the first pyramid ever built in world ( The step pyramid ), you will see Userkaf and Teti pyramids, you will be surprised by the daily life scenes with different colores on the Mastaba walls

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Saqqara Pyramid Tour

Egypt Pyramid Tour
Saqqara step pyramid is on the top of any requested tours to explore ancient Egyptian pyramids
Saqqara Pyramid Tour
Our tour representative will pick you from your hotel or from Cairo airport ( We can arrange also the flights tickets and the airport transfers
if you want to make the tour from other cities in Egypt, not from Cairo )
You will drive to Saqqara area accompanied by private professional English speaking tour guide, you will visit the area of Saqqara where you will see the step pyramid which was built for king Zoser, you will see the Heb Sed festival buildings, the false tomb, the south and north houses, You will see also during the tour Userkaf and Unas tombs.
There are few mastaba ( tombs with colored walls ) in the area , You will visit Kajemni tomb , and if you want to add Mereruka tomb you will pay extra for it, the same for the Serapium is with extra ticket.
( This mean you can choose your tour budjet if it will includes also the mastaba of Mereruka or the Serapium or all of them )
There are local restaurants in the area if you want to add to the tour lunch meal, If you have extra time your tour guide will take you for a shopping tour.
You can add other sightseeing to this tour such as ( Memphis tour, Dahshur tour or Giza pyramids tour )
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Saqqara Pyramids Tour Includes:
- Meet and assist service
- Private modern van during the tour
- Private professional tour guide
- Saqqara ticket
- All the tour taxes
- 2 bottles of water on board of the van per each person

Saqqara Pyramid Tour Excludes

- Optional tours
- Beverages not mentioned
- Tipping ( recommended but not obligatory )

More info about Saqqara pyramid complex

Saqqara is the big cemetery which is located about 30 kilometers south of Giza pyramids, it was the cemetery of Memphis , Memphis was built by king Narmer Mena about 3300 BC to be the first capital of all Egypt after the unification between Upper and Lower Egypt, and starting from the third dynasty Saqqara became the necropolis of Memphis.

The first thing to be build in Saqqara was the step pyramid belonging to king Zoser, The step pyramid is also the first pyramid ever built in all Egypt, it is also the first time to use the stones for constructions in Egypt, before the step pyramid in Saqqara Egyptian used to use the wood and the mud for constructions.

But starting from the time of Zoser all tombs were built by stones not mud and wood , and pharaohs started to build their tombs as pyramids not as Mastaba, and the mastaba became the tomb of nobles and members of royal family ( Mastaba is a rectangular building used as tombs for kings and nobles before building the pyramids )

In Saqqara You can spend half day visiting the step pyramid, the heb sed festival building , and one mastaba, or You can enjoy a tour of one day visiting the museum of the first known engineer in all the world Imhotep, He was the enginerr who suggested for king Zoser to build his tomb as a step pyramid and to build it from stone, Imhotep also suggested that he make a replica ( little model ) of the royal building of the Heb sed feast, he built it around the step pyramid.

In Saqqara pyramid complex You can also visit the mastaba of Mereruca, Kajemni , You can enter in Teti pyramid and going to visit the Serapium ( Mereruca and Serapium are with additional ticket )