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Cairo Pyramids Excursion

Scout the most ancient pyramids in Cairo, Saqqara step pyramid. visit Imhotep museum and the Heb sed building, discover the stunning scenes on the walls of very ancient Egyptian tombs around all pyramids( Mastaba ), Proceed to Giza pyramids, book now and relish our tours

Cairo Pyramid Tour Details

Pyramids Excursion in Cairo

For voyagers looking for experience, World Tour Advice offering a Wonderful Pyramids Excursion In Cairo in best Cairo Excursions , feel enchanting at Dahshur Pyramid, Sakkara Pyramid, and get move the history at Pyramids of Giza and more with Pyramids Tours In Cairo . 

Explore the sparkling of Egypt Treasures through having great visit to Explore history of Egypt ,enjoy having brilliant visit to Fayoum where you will have stunning Trip To Pyramids n Cairo in one of best Egyptian pyramids Tours , Scout to Hawara Pyramid of King Amenemhat III who was the last effective leader of 12 Dynasty, which known as Black Pyramid and was worked out of block stones and afterward covered by limestone, additionally you will explore The pyramid of Senusret II at el-Lahun , which known by Bent Pyramid it was worked of fine white limestone investigate one of a kind pyramid is described by its two separate doors , likewise you have an astonishing outing to explore Meidum Pyramid .

Our tour representative will meet you in Cairo, at any destination you want such as at train station or Cairo airport or Cairo hotels, then transfer to Saqqara pyramid complex, where you will start a day tour to discover ancient Egyptian history and religion, your tour guide will introduce you to the first known engineer in all the world ( Imhotep ), who was the first man in the history to use stones to build something, Before Imhotep Ancient Egyptian were using mud and wood to build their tombs ( Mastaba ) or their temples,
Your tour guide will take you first to visit Imhotep museum in Saqqara, then proceed your tour to visit Saqqara complex, enter from the Heb Sed entrance, the Heb Sed is one of the oldest feasts of Ancient Egypt, celebrated by the Egyptian king after 30 years of ruling Egypt, The Heb Sed feast was in a nature of a Jubilee, during this festival the Egyptian king has to show to the people that after 30 years of ruling Egypt, he is still young and strong, so he show them how he can kill lions or strong bulls by his hand.

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