Dahshur Pyramids, The Red & The Bent Pyramids

More information about the most ancient pyramids in Cairo, Dahshur Pyramids, World Tour Advice invite you to scout Snefru and Amenemhat pyramids in Dahshur, The breathtaking Red pyramid, A great Luscious experience of visiting The Bent pyramid, The black pyramid well known as the Chocolate pyramid, Entree inside Snefru Red pyramid is must done at least one time in life, Dahshur pyramids purvey you with an excellent overview of all Egyptian pyramids history, Discover Who is Htp Hers and what are the Satallite pyramids.

Dahshur Pyramids Details

All Dahshur pyramids were built by Snefru father of king Cheops ( Khufu) , Snefro or Snefru or Soris are indicating refer the same king, He is founder of the 4th dynasty ( Old Kingdom ), He built two pyramids in Dahshur ( Al Haram Al Ahmar The Red pyramid and the Bent pyramid, and it was said that he completed Maydoum pyramid , Maydoum pyramid was erected to by a tomb for his father in law, but his father in law (Honi) died before finishing his pyramid, and Senefru made a good effort to complete his pyramid ( Maydoum pyramid), The three pyramids survive to this day and You can visit all of them in one day tour to Dahshur pyramids and Maydoum pyramid. Dahshur pyramids were erected to withstand the elements of time and were intended to last forever.
Relish the calming, inspiring ambience of Dashur area with Worldtouradvice, Dahshur pyramids tour delights travelers with desert and villages landscape and manmade ingenuity, Relish a new  reconnaissance during Dahshur pyramids tour with World Tour Advice team, We plan day tour to visit Dahshur Memphis and Saqqara, or day tour to Giza pyramids, Dahshur pyramids and Saqqara, or the best way is to plan a full day  to Dahshur and Saqqara pyramids then visiting Meet Rahina museum ( Memphis) , We purvey you a tempting selection of Pyramids day tours, Relish a good Experience and an Opportunity to Discover Another Side in Egypt during our Pyramids day tours Pyramids day tours.

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