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Relish Nile tour and holidays, It is the most iconic holidays in Egypt, Egypt Nile river temples and tombs is a timeless destination to explore  and experiencing the utmost in luxury travel on river Nile, Nile tours can be done from hotels or hotel and Nile cruises where your sojourn leads you to scout Nile treasures in comfort and style, The ancient Egyptian dazzling and unmatched temples, venerable tombs and monuments of Egypt and Nile valley tour have seduced travellers from all the world for more than two millennia to scout traces of potent dynasties swept away by the sands of time, Nile tour is the most iconic voyage in Egypt, Here We offer more details about best Nile tour.

Egypt Nile Tour and Holidays Details

Egypt Nile tour purvey a dazzling opportunity to discover a rich civilization antiquarian resources from times of Narmer Mena ( Unifier of South and North Egypt 3000 B.C ) till nowadays, It is rich not only in quantity but also in its various difference both in periods and places. Most of this huge antiquarian wealth of monuments is sprinkled all over the Nile valley, So Let us say that Just if You make a tour to follow the trail of the Nile, You can retrace history & uncover a world of ancient legends.

Do you want to follow the Nile river? Nile tours starts from North Egypt to south Egypt and there is an option to make all of it by cruise, or all of it overland Nile tours, but to make all of it by Nile cruises tours from Cairo to Aswan, then lake Nasser cruises tours from Aswan to Abu Simbel it is going to be expensive but fabulous, and to make all your holidays in Egypt only Overland tours You will loose the dazzling experience of sailing on such an iconic river , and the fantasy of sleeping on its gentle water, So let me say if You want a good way to see most famous Nile valley monuments and enjoy its tours, You can either spend a lot of money booking Cairo Aswan then Aswan Abu Simbel cruise or divide the Nile tour holidays in 2 parts, one part is hotels and Egypt Nile over land tours, and other part is Nile cruises and you can choose between few options
Nile Tour Option 1 Over land & Nile cruise
Day 1 Arrival Cairo & remainder of day for leisure - Overnight in hotel
Day 2 Discover the most ancient building built by Imhotep in Saqqara ( The step pyramid ) , The Ambiguous Giza pyramids and Sphinx Overnight in hotel
Day 3 Fly to Luxor, check in one of the most dazzling Nile cruise, tours to scout ( Al Uqsur city ) Your Nile tours will be either to Luxor east or west banks, as in your first day cruise you visit one bank, then the other in your next day ( Here for example if East bank so it is Nile tour to Karnak and Luxor temples
Overnight on the gentle water of river Nile on board your cruise
Day 4 Sailing towards south Egypt will start this afternoon either during or directly after lunch meal, so wake up early, enjoy your tours to the other bank of Al Uqsur city ( Luxor ) , In Luxor west bank You will witness the majesty of valley of kings tombs, Hatshepsut temple and Memnon colossi, The area is breathtakingly amazing, the river Nile flows between the modern city of Al Uqsur and the ancient west-bank necropolis, historical background from  the enigmatic Thebes, Sprinkled across the landscape is a puzzlement of richness, from Karnak and Luxor temples on the Nile east bank to the gorgeous tombs and temples on the west bank.Thebes'
back to Luxor and sailing to Edfu
Day 5 Edfu Tour, Sailing from Luxor to Kom Ombo
Nile cruises navigation provides an enchanting natural glimpse of the stunning scenery, It is best way to escape the traffic and being escorted from one place to the other in comfort enjoying the panoramic scenes over the river Nile and the enjoyable bustle in the various ports towns.
 It is a great chance for all history buffs to scout the many temples and tombs scattered across the landscape is an embarrassment of riches, from the temples of Karnak and Luxor in the east to the many tombs and temples on the west bank.Thebes
Sailing to Kom Ombo
Now, it is again time to sail from Edfu to Kom Ombo and enjoy the  pleasant scenes of the river ,farmers, agriculture and livestock, , farming methods completely harmonious and in sync with all historical places around,
While daily life on the riverbanks gets underway and the rurals are at work, Enjoy the Nile river dazzling lush green scenes bask in in the sun, relaxing on the sundeck while the Nile cruise staff sailing to Aswan

Day 6 Arrival Aswan - Aswan Tours
Now it is the last destination and last night of the 4 nights - 5 days cruise , It is Aswan or the ancient African city Suon, 
So You have 2 options depending on if you want to make another optional tour to scout the southern temple of Ramsses II in Abu Simbel ( 3 hours by car from Aswan or 1 hour by flight ) So you have few choices either to enjoy Aswan tours in your 6th day and Abu Simbel optional tour in your 7th day after check out, or making Abu Simbel tour in your 6th day and enjoy Aswan attractions tours after lunch time, If course you can arrange it easily with your tour operator if you are going to book a private guided tour but in case if it is a group tour You have to follow the cruise itinerary for the group,Note that from the beginning I recommended for you the private Nile tours either if choose Nile cruise holidays or Overland Nile holiday

Day 7 Check out ( What is next ?)
It is your last day of the 4 nights, 5 days Nile cruise holidays and stay, Check out, And Think what is next?
Relax, I am here to tell you all the amazing options to do
1st option for Nile tour 
 For people who love relaxation and not to be rushed during Nile cruise holidays and wish to relish more sailing times, You can do the same cruise but 7 nights, I mean day 7 will not be for checking out and You will continue staying in the cruise and sailing back to Luxor with extra 3 nights and 4 days Nile cruise tour, Note: That in case You choose the 7 nights cruise Nile tour , You will see the same things of the 4 nights Nile cruise tours and holidays but with more relaxation , such as visiting Edfu in one day on your way from Luxor to Aswan , and visiting Kom Ombo in other day on your way back from Aswan to Luxor
2nd Option for Nile Tours
Do you want to continue sailing on the river Nile, but You need to scout other different things and destinations in Egypt & travelling more in time with more repose, so take your luggages and follow yur heart,  Check out from Nile cruise in Aswan and  check in your next cruise from the same city Aswan but this time sailing on lake Nasser cruises from Aswan to Abu Simbel 3 nights 4 days

Note that the Nile cruises tours are from Luxor to Aswan and vice versa, the same for lake Nasser tours , The lake Nasser cruises are from Aswan to Abu Simbel e vice versa so You have other option to start from South to north or north to south

Can We travel to Abu Simbel from Aswan without Cruise:
Yes of course, I mentioned it in the day 6 and day 7 in the above mentioned Nile tour itinerary ( As example )

Why I say it is Example of an itinerary?
We are flexible, In the above itinerary , the Nile tours start day 3, But this is not a fixed itinerary, We have to see your arrival and departure dates, then compare it with the Nile cruises schedules, Then you choose your Nile cruise category and We suggest you one or more cruise ships, or if You have in mind a special Nile cruise that you want to book, We will book it for you with minimum prices and best service

What if You want to add Hurghada or Marsa Alam ( Red sea ) to your Nile tours and Holidays
It is easy, Do you know Hurghada and Marsa Alam ( Red sea )  are only about 3 hours or maximum 3 and half hour by car from Luxor, No flights are available by Egypt air between the 2 destinations, So You have either to start tours first in Hurghada or Marsa Alam, then move to Luxor city to start Nile cruises tours, Note that Cairo to Hurghada is 1 hour by flight or 7 hours by bus.
The other option is to start Nile tour by cruises from south to North ( Abu Simbel to Aswan, then Aswan to Luxor ) or only ( Aswan Luxor cruise ) then after visiting Luxor transfer to Hurghada Red sea

More Information about Nile Cruises
There are plentiful Nile Cruises ships in Egypt, most of them purveying the same Nile tours from the same ports ( same ample excursions and stop) , but also with a big variety in prices,  Many travelers think It is not easy to select on which cruise ship they want to travel. A lot of tourists don’t know the variance amongst Nile Cruises and why there are several Cruises are more costly and other are very inexpensive.
Really Let us say it in easy way,It is like everything in world, food, clothes, mobile phones, there are different categories, the same as the difference between 3, 4, 5 stars hotels, 5 stars standard Nile cruise or luxury 5 stars Nile cruise, But let us say We do not recommend the 4 stars Nile cruises boats, You can check your budget and choose either 5 sars standard or 5 stars luxury cruise
Note that the Nile tours can be also on board of a barque ( Sailing boats ), either the Dahabiya ( Royal way of travelling ) or the ( Felucca( primitive accommodation and it is really for most adventurous tourists to scout Nile tours in an exotic way

The Nile in past and present
During your tours to Saqqara complex in Cairo you will be astonished to see the vizier 's tombs ( Mastaba) , as there are engravings and drawings on the walls of its chambers representing many daily life scenes, but the main scene is the Nile river flood, The Nile meant life for the ancient Egyptians. the land was green from June until October and life became easier, They beleived the Nile is the source and preserver of life, the drawings depict planting fields using the Shadoof, You will see how the ancient Egyptian farmers used the shadoof. Egyptian farmers still use the same device , the Shadoof which has been used for 5000 years. They also still dig the earth with hoes, the sameas the ancients.They remind us of days when life moved at a slower pace.

Nile cruises entertainment
Set sail on the iconic river Nile, and you'll take in tucked-away dazzling towns, unbelievable, destinations and enchanting countryside, No need to pack and unpack every day, you enjoy an on-the-ground view of plenty of Egypt sites. Nile tour and holidays on board of cruises offer also a lot of entertainment on board the cruises ships. Whatever your taste; from discotheque and dancing to marvelous belly dancers, to Egyptian oriental galabeya party; all and more can be enjoyed on most Nile ships. enjoy also the same amount of variety beckons when you go to the Nile cruises restaurants, Luscious food and rich buffet

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