Aswan Unfinished Obelisk

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Aswan Unfinished Obelisk : Aswan was the main place for granite quarries for Ancient Egyptians, From Aswan quarry , it was taken most of the red granite covering the temples walls,or to make huge columns or obelisks, The small pyramid in Giza ( Menkaure ) was covered also by granite from Aswan,The unfinished obelisk was found in the site, the unfinished obelisc is belonging to Queen Hatshepsut, the queen who ruled Egypt during the 15th century BC,Hatshepsut unfinished obelisk was most probably abandoned when some cracks appered in its rock during its construction, if this obelisk was actually completed, it has to be the heaviest f all Ancient Egypt obelisks, During Egypt early history, the Ancient Egyptians beleived in the Pn-pn", which is a pyramidal stone with a pointed top, they beleived that the "Pn-pn" symbolized the primeval hill from which the first sign of life in our world appeared. Then,that is why Ancient Egyptian were using this pyramidal shape on the top of their obelisks, Ancient Egyptian obelisks were built of one single stone, The longest and largest standing Egyptian obelisk  is the Lateran  basilica in Rome, You can see Egyptian obelisks now in the most famous squares of the world.

You can visit the unfinished obelisk during Aswan day tour from Aswan city, or from other different cities click for more info about Tours to Aswan from all Egypt.

Best way to visit Aswan attractions including the unfinished obelisk is Nile cruises tours and Lake cruises.

Aswan Unfinished Obelisk