Aswan Botanical Garden

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Aswan Botanical Garden
Aswan botanical garden is located on Kitchener island in Aswan, Aswan botanical island is a must seen place for travellers who travel in Egypt
You can visit the Botanical garden from Aswan or from  Luxor hotels by van, or You can enjoy one day tour from Cairo to Aswan by flight, more to visit Aswan attractions including the Botanical garden . 
Egypt Nile cruises tours offer to tourist the chance to visit all South Egypt from Luxor to Aswan, but the botanical garden is not always included in all the river 
cruises itineraries, it is easy , check your itinerary and if it is not included ask your tour operator to add it ( The same for the Nubian village which is an 
optional tour in Aswan city )

Kitchner island is one of the two biggest islands in Aswan , the other island is Elephantine island which is bigger than Kitchner island and is located between the city and kitchner island, Aswan botanical garden is considered to be one of the most famous gardens in the world because it is one of its largest and oldest gardens.

The island was a reward for the English officer Kitchner as a gift for his great acheivment in Sudan 1896, At that time Egypt was occupied by England.
Kitchner, Kitchener rapidly transformed the island into a paradise of exotic trees and plants in carefully gardens with view walkways, Later the property trasformed
 to the Egyptian government, Now it is one of the most famous and beautiful attractions in Aswan, and one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in all the world.
Aswan Botanical Garden is a must seen in Egypt Travel Packages which include South Egypt .
Tourists can view the many types of subtropical, exotic, and rare plantings – This collection of rare plants begun by Lord Kitchener and expanded since


Aswan Botanical Garden