Luxor Temple

Luxor temple, is located on Luxor East bank

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Luxor Temple, Most of the existing establishments here were built in the era of the eighteenth dynasty. King "Amenhotep III" made  the Great Temple of Luxor. And stick to the old way that start edifice job, then follows an outdoor courtyard by a number of columns in rows, then the Hypostile  hall which lead to 2 corts, and Lounge the boats, which was originally a canopy of wood, then finally offerings Hall, then the Holy of Holies. All of these parts are the Temple of the "harem "of    "Amun - Ra"

This has been the construction of the temple to be a house for the "Sacred Theban Triad." 
This component of the Trinity god Amun and the meaning of his name is  the hidden and his wife and their son the god Khonsu The official base was at Karnak Temple ,then  king Amenophis III made another temple in a suburb of Luxor . And was built on the ruins of  old house an old temple.
It has thus become the Temple of Karnak is the_ official palace of_ Amun, and Luxor Temple became his own which he spent with his family,  period of rest and recuperation, within  specified  each year.
The temple itself  located directly  front of the    Nile. At almost the middle of  wall   temple, there is a small door leading to the within   temple. It is connected to  middle of  temple in the courtyard known as  courtyard  Amenhophis III


Luxor Temple