Ramesseum Temple

Ramesseum temple is located on Luxor West bank, is belonging to Ramses II, It was his funerary temple, most of it is ruins, Ramesseum temple is one of Luxor attractions belonging to Ramesses II.

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Ramesseum Temple, is the funerary temple built to Ramsses II, The Ramesseum temple in West Luxor was built by Ramsses II, It was his funerary temple, as kings of New kingdom used to be burried in their tombs in Luxor west bank in Valley of kings, and their funeral temples not so far from Valley of kings, The temple is in a very bad condition, 
Ramses II was still very young when he acceded to the throne after a brief co-regency beside his father Sethos I. Once crowned, he was to achieve projects
 as large as his ambitionsWithin the second year of Ramesses rule he began the construction of his mortuary temple, the Ramesseum, named by Ramesses as 'House of Millions of years ,  The temple was called later The Ramesseum by Champlion.
 Rameses II  was the last of the great pharaohs of Egypt.  Not the least reason for his greatness was that he ruled Egypt for not less than 66 years, from 1269 – 1213 BC. He was the last famous and important king of the New Kingdom , He was the first king in world to make a contract of peace which was between Egypt and the Hittiti ( Syria now), Ramsses II He was both a great warrior and a great builder.

Ramesseum Temple